This handbook is designed to outline the minimum requirements of trombone study at Penn State University. This handbook will be used in conjunction with the information online for current students at the Penn State School of Music website, and the various required and suggested musical texts.

The first inclusion will be a Course of Study for Applied Trombone Lessons in each of the degree programs offered at the School of Music. These course outlines will be general. The specifics of each individual's semester syllabus will be decided upon by consultation with Professor Lusk.

The Trombone Choir/Studio Class, Music 192 Section 4, will also be outlined. As will Music 416, Brass Pedagogy, and Music 588, Low Brass Literature.

The Appendix will include the various forms and lists a trombone student will need throughout the semester.

Please read this handbook carefully, and feel free to ask questions if any aspect of this handbook is unclear

Click here for Applied Trombone General Requirements

Click here for the Course of Study

The appendix