Student Spotlight

 2017 Cleveland Trombone Seminar 


The 6th annual Cleveland Trombone Seminar took place this summer from June 10th through June 18th at Cleveland State University. For 9 days over 50 associates/participants played in and observed amazing master classes, small and large ensemble rehearsals, mock auditions, and insightful talks ranging from dry needling and meditation to music and how to be better musicians. The amazing faculty included Shachar Israel (Cleveland Orchestra and director of the seminar), Nitzan Haroz (Philadelphia Orchestra), Randy Hawes (Detroit Symphony), Stephan Lange (Boston Symphony), Jamie Box (Montreal Symphony), and Professor Mark Lusk (Penn State University).


This year 4 students represented Penn State. Ofer Cohen and Nick Kazmierczak both incoming Juniors, Jamey Morgan who graduated this past semester with a Professional Performers Certificate and Wes Thompson who graduated in 2016.


It was an amazing week filled with music making and learning for all who attended. as always the Seminar pushed every student to work harder to always not just be a better trombonist, but to be a better musician and put the music first everyday.