Welcome to the Class of 2023!

For the 2019 and 2020 Fall and Spring semesters we welcome three new freshmen to the Penn State Trombone Studio family! Below are each of the students and a little about each of them.

Quay Akins

Quay is a freshmen music performance major from the Pittsburgh area where he attended Southmoreland High School. Before coming to Penn State, Quay previously studied with Kevin McManus, a Penn State Trombone Studio alum, and with Hakeem Bilal. One of Quay’s favorite pieces is the Sonata for Trombone and Piano by Richard Crosby. One of Quay’s most memorable musical experiences is attending the Honors Music Institute here at Penn State. Some of Quay’s hobbies is whitewater kayaking and playing video games.

Brody Segan

Brody is a freshmen music education major from the Allentown area where he attended Parkland High School. Previously, he had studied with Ralph Brodt III, who had taught him his favorite piece, the William Tell Overture by Giacchino Rossini. One of Brody’s fondest musical memories is performing in Carnegie Hall in New York City. Some of Brody’s hobbies include watching movies and riding rollercoasters.

Sam Wetzel

Sam is a freshmen music education major from Lehigh County where he attended Southern Lehigh High School. Sam has never had a private trombone teacher before. One of Sam’s favorite pieces is either the Rimsky-Korsakov Trombone Concerto or Symphony No. 3 by Ralph Vaughan Williams. One of Sam’s best musical memories is performing at the 2018 DCA Finals. Some of Sam’s hobbies include listening to and making music.