Penn State Trombone Studio Events

Trombone Choir Concert: Music Through The Ages 

Come join the Penn State Trombone Choir as we perform music across all of the different styles, genres, and ages of music! Going from Bach all the way to John Harmon and Walter Hartley we we will show off the all the trombone has to offer in each time period. We hope you can join us!

Program includes:

1. J. S. Bach: Two Part Inventions

Allegro, Moderato, and Allegro

2. Beethoven: String Trio op. 9


3. Franz Schubert: Suite of Lieder

1. Lob der Einsamkeit

2. Grab und Mond

3. Widerspruch

4. Claude Debussy: Trois Chansons

1. Dieu! qu'il la fait bon regarder!

2. Quant j'ai ouy le tabourin

3. Yver, vous n'estes qu'un villain

5. Walter Hartley: Canzona for 8 Trombones (1968)

6. Morten Lauridsen: O Nata Lux

7. John Harmon: Seven Arrows

1. The New Sweet Earth

2. The Medicine Wheel

3. Soaring Eagle

4. Otter, Wolf, Coyote, Prairie Bird

5. Burial Ground. a Sacred Place

6. The Hunt

7. Sun Dance