Low Brass Alumni List

1987     David Schopp                 BS                    Teaching in PA; MM Westchester Univ.                

1988     Bryan Anton                   MM                 Teaching in PA

      Tim Stephan                   BS                    Teaching in PA; MM Univ. of Illinois

1989     Dennis AsKew                 MM                 Faculty, Univ. of North Carolina-Greensboro, DMA Univ. of Mich

             Karin Quinn Apgar          BS                   Teaching in PA

             David Kraus                     BM                 Member of the United States Navy Band Program

     Scott Slutter                      BS                   Teaching in PA; MM Penn State Univ., DMA work Univ. of Kansas

     Brian Stacey                      BS                   Teaching in PA

1990    Chuck DePaolo                 MM                Owner/Manager of Hickey’s Music in Ithaca, NY, Owner of Lyceum Press

            Tom Riccobono                 MM                Faculty, Interlochen Arts Academy; Performer’s Certificate Cleveland Institute of Music, DMA work Florida State University

            Leland Weed                      BM                 Working in NY; MM Ithaca College

            David Smith                      BA w/Eng.       Working in NC; MA Univ. of Michigan

 1991   Jeff Parker                          MM                 Tubist, Teatro Orquesta de Santiago, Chile;   DMA work Univ. of Michigan

            Keith Alexander                 BA w/Bus.        Working in Washington D.C.

            Sean Reusch                      Music Minor     Faculty, Univ. of California at San Diego; MM Manhattan School of Music; DMA UCLA

 1992   Scott Slutter                      MM w/Cert.      (See above)

            Gwyn Bollinger                 BS                      Member of the United States Army Band Program

            Matt Neff                          BS                      Member of the United States Navy Band, Wash D.C.; MM Catholic University; Faculty, George Mason

            Joe O’Melia                       BS                      Teaching in PA; MME Penn State Univ.

            Bruce Tychinski                 BM                    Faculty, Univ. of Southern Mississippi and formerly St. Norbert’s College, Green Bay WS; MM Penn State Univ.; DMA Univ. of Kansas

 1993   John Davis                         BS                     Teaching in FL; MM Univ. of New Mexico;  DMA New England Conservatory

            Chris Graham                    BS                     Working in PA

            Mike Ketner                       BS                     Faculty, University of Pennsylvania.; MM Cincinnati Conservatory; DMA Eastman School of Music

            Dan Kibler                         BM w/Eng.       Working in CO; MM work Juilliard School of Music

            Jon Moyer                          BS                     Teaching in PA; MM Towson State Univ.

            Lou Persic                          BS                     Teaching in MD; CEO of African Music Coallition

            Bob Rizzo                          BS                     Teaching in PA; MM Indiana Univ. of Pennsylvania

            Erik Szabo                         BS                     Working in PA

 1994   Joe Skillen                         MM                  Faculty, Louisiana State University; DMA Michigan State University

            Gretchen Bowles               BS                     Teaching in GA, MM George Mason Univ., DMA Univ. of Southern Mississippi

            Chris Hoffman                 BA                     MM (Theory) Univ. of Maryland PHD work Univ. of Sydney, Australia

1995     Ben Chouinard                MM                   Faculty, Towson University; Successful freelance musician, performing with Baltimore Symphony, the National Symphony, and

      the Kennedy Center Orchestra; DMA work Peabody Conservatory

             Bruce Tychinski               MM                   (See above)

             Michael Forbes                BM                     Faculty, University of East Carolina University of  Southern Illinois, Member of the United States Army Band, Wash. D.C., MM/DMA                        

                                                                                Univ. Wisconsin                                                       

             Mary Clark                      BS                       Working in MD

             Colleen Fisher-Chrien     BS                       Teaching in FL

             Chris Magaro                  BS                       Working in PA

             Tim McKay                    BS                       MM Penn State Univ., DMA work Indiana Univ.

1996     Paul McPhail                  MM                    Teaching in GA

             Pat Cotter                       BM                     Teaching in MA; MM Univ. of Miami

             Tom Mensch                   BS                       Teaching in TX; MM Sam Houston Univ.

             Doug Shabe                     BS                      Teaching in CA, Music Director of the Downey Moravian Trombone Choir; MM California State Univ. at Long Beach*

1997     Nick DiNunzio                BA                     Teaching in PA; MM work Univ. of Washington

             Ashlee Mueller                 BS                    Working as Assist. Director of Entertainment for Norwegian Cruise Lines

 1998    John Lemke                     MM                  Director of Fine Arts, Milton Hershey School

             Tim McKay                     MM                  (See above)

             Wayne Myers                   MM                  Successful freelance musician in Austin, TX; DMA work Univ. of Texas*

             Paul Kerlin                       BS                    Administrator for MENC in Washington D.C.

             Elayne Rhoads-                BS                    Teaching in VA

1999     Karen Pitman-Plosch       MM w/Cert.    Teaching in OH

             Dan Weiner                     BS                    Teaching in PA; MM Penn State Univ.*

             Eric Kilby                        BS                    Teaching in MD

             Anthony Avitollo             BS                    MM Univ. of Akron*; DMA Arizona State Univ.*

 2000    Mary Margaret Browne-Wilson                        BS                    Teaching in DE                                                                                                                                                                              

             Jim Glaser                        BS                    Teaching in PA

         David Sonnenberg           BM                   Administrator of the Eastern Music Festival; MM work Univ. of North Carolina-Greensboro*; Faculty at Wheaton College, developed      

                                                                              Sonnenberg Creative Solutions and performs in the Chicago area.

 2001    Dan Wiener                    MM                   (see above)

             Chuck Ramsey                BM                    Successful recording artist; MMA Penn State Univ.*

             Matt Goetz                      BS                     Teaching in NJ

2002     Greg Hutchison               BS                     Teaching in PA

             Jason Wysocki                 BS                      Teaching in NJ and performing in New York City; MM Penn State Univ.*     

             Kevin McManus             BS                      Successful freelance musician in Pittsburgh and New York City, Perf. Cert. from SUNY-Purchase*, MM Carnegie Mellon Univeristy*

             Kyle Schuyler                  BS                      Administration of Colorado Pops Orchestra; Teaching in CO, MM Univ. of Colorado*

2003     Andy Lykens                   BM                     Working producer and playing in New York City, MM Univ. of Miami in music business

             Aaron McKinney            BM                     MM Penn State Univ.

             Chris Kozen                    BS                      DMA Univ. North Texas*;  MM Univ. of North Texas*                      

             Rob Borger                     BS                      Teaching in CO, MM Univ. of Northern Colorado

2004     Noel Wallace                  MM                    DMA Univ. of North Texas*,  currently studying abroad in Holland

             Jason Wysocki                MM                    (see above)

2005     Devin Burnworth           MM                    Administration of the American Symphony Orchestra League, music preparation and performing in New York City

             Eddie Lonsinger             BM                      MM/ Perf. Cert. Peabody Conservatory*

             Erik Jester                      BM                      MM Penn State Univ. in Trombone and Conducting*

             Kim Novak-Clark          BS                       Teaching in NH, MM Ohio State University*

             Matt Nelson                   BS                      Teaching in NH, MM/Faculty Plymouth State University     

2006     Erika Lange                    BM                     MM, Eastman School of Music*

             Jeffrey Vollmer                BM/MM            Attending Indiana University*

             Andrew Susick                BS                      Attending Towson University and teaching in MD

             Greg DiChristofaro         BS                      Teaching in PA

             Marisa Trembler             BME                   Working for Mills Entertainment

2007     Patrick Sachse                 BS                       Teaching in PA

             Brandon Spinazolla         BME                   Working in Nashville

2008     Justin Mason                  MM                     Attending the Eastman School of Music*

             Aaron McKinney            MM                     Freelance trombonist, Pittsburgh (see above)

             Erik Jester                       MM                     Attending University of Wisconsin* (see above)

             Corey Wallace                BM                       Attending Towson University*

             Ian Gerg                         BS                        Attending Univeristy of Texas*

             Bethany Boegel               BS                        Teaching in PA

2009     Stephanie Waidelich       MM                      Attending the Eastman School of Music*

             Adam Arango                 BM                       Attending Louisiana State University*

             Faris Beshara                  BS                         Teaching in PA

             Leonardo Murcia           BM                        Attending Cincinnati Conservatory*

2010     Ben David Aronson       MM                       DMA Eastman School of Music

             Ben Coulter                   BME                      Teaching in Pittsburgh    

             Greg Kern                      BM                        MM University of Akron

             Erik Shinn                     BME                      MM Baylor University, DMA Florida State, Faculty University of Florida

2011     Michelle Scarangello      MM                       Teaching in California

             Pat McIsaac                    BM                        MM Carnegie Mellon      

             Katelyn Griess                BME                      MM University of Delaware, Teaching in Delaware

             Ryan Wells                     BME                      Teaching in Virginia

 2012    Ryan Rongone               BM                         MM Rice University,

             Eric Shneiderhan           BME                       Teaches in Pennsylvania

             Chris Brown                  MM                        AD Yale University, Attending Florida State University

             Dan Twentey                 MM                        Attending University of Colorado Boulder

             Christopher Hamburger  MM                      Teaching in PA

             Nick Smarcz                   MM                       Working in PA

2013     Justin Neely                    BM                        Attending Eastman School of Music

             Sean Durkin                   BM                        (See below)

             Evan Harger                   BM                        University of Georgia (MM), Attending University of  Oregon

             Tim Przybelinski            BME                      University of Delaware

             Louis Setzer                    MM                       Attending Cincinnati Conservatory of Music

             Bryan Powell                  BM                        University of Miami, Attending Duquesne University

             Erika Stein                     BME                      Teaching

2014     Andrew Roberts             BME                      Attending University of Delaware

             Joe Borell                       BME                      Teaching in PA

      Sean Durkin                  MM                        Attending University of Illinois (DMA-Jazz Studies)

             Wesley Thompson         MM                        PPC Penn State University

             Derek Rechberger          BA                          Working in the Agriculture Industry

             Austin Oprean               PPC                        MM at Penn State

 2019 Nicholas Kazmierczak BM Attending University of Delaware

Wade Judy MM Attending University of Northern Colorado

Ofer Cohen BM Attending Arizona State University